Mathematics Department

(a) Head of Department : Dr A Ramful 

Mathematics Department Online 

2. Department of Mathematics Education

(b) Academic Staff

Ramful A (Dr) Senior Lecturer
Nenduradu R (Dr) Senior Lecturer
Bholoa A (Dr) Senior Lecturer
Purdassea S Lecturer
Angateeah k Lecturer
Thapermall-Ramasawmy S (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
7. Salehmohamed Asifa (Miss)   Lecturer
8. Nitin Rughoonauth (Dr)

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9.  Bessoondyal H (Dr)  Associate Professor

(i) Academic Staff : Dr A Ramful
(a) Area of Specialisation
(b) Responsibility/ies 
   • Ag. Head of Mathematics Education Department
   • Programme Coordinator for teacher's Diploma Secondary
   • Coordinator for Teacher's Diploma Primary (Mathematics component)
   • Coordibator Prevocational panel
   • Member of the Research Unit
(c) Research Interest
   • Children's mathematics at the primary and secondary level
   • Number sense and multiplicative reasoning
   • Statistical reasoning
(d) Other activities & responsibilities

(ii) Academic Staff : Dr Rajeev Nenduradu
(a) Area of Specialisation
   • Mathematics Education
(b) Responsibility/ies 
   • Assistant Programme Coordinator (TDECE)
   • Coordinator (SEN)
   • Coordinator (Educator's License)
   • Coordinator (Primary panel)
(c) Research Interest
   • Representations
   • Problem solving
   • Teacher Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
   • Resource Person for:
   • Form I – III Syllabus
   • Enhancement Programme (III & IV)
   • Curriculum development (Primary, secondary, Pre primary)
   • Translation kreol / Morisien (Maths)
   • Coordinator: Inquiry-based Project (TD ECE)

(iii) Academic Staff : Dr H Beesoondyal
(a) Area of Specialisation : Gender and Mathematics
(b) Responsibility/ies 
   • Ag. Head of School of Science and Mathematics
(c) Research Interest
   • Teaching of Mathematics at secondary school
   • Learning Environment
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
   • Bed Programme Coordinator
   • Programme Coordinator for Certificate in Special Education

(iv) Academic Staff : Dr H Hurchand
(a) Area of Specialisation : Computational Mathematics
(b) Responsibility/ies 
   • Coordinator TDECE, TCECE, ACE, PreVoc, Enhancement Programme (Mathematics)
(c) Research Interest
   • Use of ICT in Mathematics Education
   • Language issues in Mathematics
   • Gender issues in Mathematics Education
   • Assessment and evaluation
d) Other activities & responsibilities
   • Lecturing
   • Research

Yes Math!

The Yes Math! initiative is a project that is currently being developed at the Mauritius Institute of Education to support and motivate students to learn mathematics in Grade 9. At this initial stage, the focus is at the Form 3 (Grade 9) level. We intend to extend the project to Form 1 (Grade 7) and Form 2 (Grade 8) as well as primary level mathematics in the near future. The website contains resources both for students and teachers.