Special Educational Needs Department


2. Department: Special Educational Needs

(a) Academic Staff

Dhunnoo S Senior Lecturer
Jhugroo J S Lecturer
Ramsaha P (Mrs) Lecturer
Seesaran N (Mrs) Lecturer

(i) Academic Staff : Dhunnoo S 
(a) Area of Specialisation: English / Educational Leadership
(b) Responsibility/ ies:
   • Head of Department SEN
   • Programme Coordinator (Administrative) for Post graduate Diploma in Inclusive and Special Education
   • Assistant Programme Coordinator Certificate in Special Educational Needs
   • Coordinator : Portfolio –Enhancement programme Standard III & IV (Ministry of Education & Human Resources
   • Coordinator value based Education
   • Module coordinator : Diploma in Education, Supervision and Inspection, Quality Assurance for SEN, PGCE 
(c)Research Interest:
   • Status of SEN sector in Mauritius: A case study on disabilities in Mauritius.
   • Education for sustainability: A Mauritian school leadership perspective.
(d) Other Responsibilities:
   • Organisation of workshop for SEN and Value Based Education.
   • Attending meetings with sister institutions.
   • Sitting on committees with Ministries.
   • Involvement in outreach programmes with the Ministry of Gender Equality.

(ii) Academic Staff : Mr. Shams Jhugroo
(a) Area of Specialisation: Psychology/Counselling
(b) Responsibility/ ies
   • Teacher Diploma in Special Educational Needs
   • Teacher Diploma Primary
   • Teacher Diploma Secondary
(c) Research Interest:
   • Adolescent moral development
   • Drug use among adolescents
(d) Other Responsibilities:
   • Workshop for SEN

(iii) Academic Staff : Mrs. Prema Ramsaha 
(a) Area of Specialisation: Psychology / Counselling
(b) Responsibility/ ies 
   • Teachers Diploma in ECE
(c) Research Interest:
   • Counselling
   • Early childhood
   • Special Educational Needs
(d) Other Responsibilities:
   • Workshop for SEN

Fondation Enfant Doues

Lundi 10 Mars, Interventions au Mauritius Institute of Education, Le Reduit

Special Educational Needs - Workshop

Special Educational Needs - Workshop

Value Based Education

Two-Day Workshop: Valued Based Education:

fondées sur les valeurs Perspectives d'avenir dans l'Ocean Indien."