Visual Arts Department

Officer in charge : Mrs. M. Beeharry-Konglar


Mr. Khalid Nazroo Associate Professor
Mrs. M. Beeharry-Konglar Senior Lecturer
Mr. D. Authelsingh Lecturer
Mr. V.K. Shibdoyal Lecturer
5.   Miss Curpen Veemanda   Lecturer

(i) Academic Staff : Mr. Khalid Nazroo
(a) Area of specialisation :Printmaking and Painting
(b) Responsibility 
    •Head of Department Visual Arts
    •Coordinates the QUAD at the department
    •Subject Coordinator for Bed
    •Subject Coordinator for Teacher's Diploma Secondary

(ii) Academic Staff :Mrs. M. Beeharry-Konglar 
(a) Area of specialisation : Applied Art and Pottery
(b) Responsibility 
    • Course Coordinator for PGCE PT and PGCE PT ROD
    • Module Coordinator for Teacher's diploma primary IGNOU
    • Course Coordinator for Educator's Licence
    • Assistant Programme Coordinator for Teacher's Certificate Pre Primary
    • Assistant Programme Coordinator for Creative & Performing Arts Unit

(iii) Academic Staff :Mr. D. Authelsingh 
(a) Area of specialisation : Applied Art & Photography
(b) Responsibility 
• Teacher's Diploma Secondary FULL-TIME
• Teacher's Diploma Secondary PART-TIME
• Teachers Diploma Primary
• Teacher's Diploma SEN (DISE)
• Certificate in Inclusive & Special Needs (CISE)
• Remedial Education representative
• ESD representative of the Department
• AAPCC representative of the Department

Activities Completed by the Department

Co-Coordinator: D.Authelsingh

What was the Project about?
In the context of the 45th Anniversary of our Independence day and in line with the celebration of World Heritage day Celebrated every 18th April the MIE Trainees in collaboration with tutors of Mauritius Institute of Education mounted an Exhibition at the MIE which will later be extended in selected primary schools with a Series of Talk on the theme of “Mo-rises”.

The following exhibition showcased our rich cultural wealth, Identity as well as the evolution of Mauritius as a developing country from independence till now 2013.  This also motivated students in primary schools in developing a sense of patriotism, be proud about our National Anthem as well as be honest and sincere fellow countryman. Indeed, that was an opportunity to express how our identity as a Mauritian gives us a unique form of education at the MIE.

(iv) Academic Staff :Mr. V.K. Shibdoyal 
(a) Area of specialisation : Sculpture and Art & Crafts 
(b) Responsibility 
    •Subject Coordinator for TDECE, TCPP, TCPV


We are helping to create opportunities for trainees to take part in exciting events across the visual arts. Students are encouraged to explore a diversity of historical periods and critical approaches, and to participate in the stimulating intellectual and social life of the department. We are also committed to excellence and innovation in teaching.

Activities completed in 2011 : World Book Day 2011
Project Coordinators : Mr D. Authelsingh and Mr. V. K. Shibdoyal
Objectives : Promote the values and culture of reading at the MIE

MIE RecycloEnviro Arts

RecycloEnviro Arts has the mission to help protection of our environment through Arts and Creativity in order to promote Sustainability.

RecycloEnviro project


RecycloEnviro is the recycling of scrap materials to create artworks is an initiative designed to inculcate a sense of responsibility by sensitizing people in a subtle way about the environmental impact of their behaviour and how they can adopt a more environment-friendly lifestyle.  It aims to broaden recycling participation in Mauritius through increased awareness and education by promoting the creation of artworks through recycling of scraps and trashes for a higher purpose, regenerating and renewing them in order to give them a new meaning.