Social Studies Department

Head of department : Goburdhun S Dr (Mrs)

Padaruth C Senior Lecturer
Boullé P A Senior Lecturer
Goburdhun S Dr (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Ramsaha J Lecturer
Jagambrum N P Lecturer

(1) Head of Department : Mr. Chandrashekhar Padaruth 
(a) Area of Specialisation : Geography 
(b) Responsibility/ies : 
    •Course coordinator: ACE and MIE-IGNOU
    •Subject coordinator: Geography and Environmental Education
(c) Research Interest:
    •Climate Change, Education for Sustainable development and Geography Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities: 
    •Geography Curriculum Coordinator: STD III & IV textbooks
    •Geography Panel member: STD V and VI textbooks;
    •Coordinator: secondary curriculum (social studies/geography)
    •Coordinator: Enhancement Programme: Standard IV
    •Resource person for MCA & MES

(2) Academic Staff : Dr Seema Goburdhun 
(a) Area of Specialisation : History 
(b) Responsibility/ies :     •Asst. Programme Coordinator - Educator's Licence
    •Course Coordinator – PGCE, B-Ed
    •Subject Coordinator – History, Heritage Education
    •Resource Person - Quality Assurance
(c) Research Interest : History Education 
(d) Other activities & responsibilities : 
    •History Curriculum Coordinator and panel member: Standard V and VI Textbooks
    •Panel member: Life Skills - Pre Vocational 
    •Coordinator: Enhancement Programme: Standard III & IV 
    •Team Member Sankoré Project – History 
    •Resource person for MCA and MES 

(3) Academic Staff : Mr. Pierre-André Boullé 
Lecturer: Geography, Citizenship Education, Education for Sustainable Development 
(a) Area of Specialisation : Geography and Citizenship Education 
(b) Responsibility/ies :
    •Assistant Programme Coordinator: TD-Primary 
    •Course Coordinator – TD Primary, TD Pre Vocational 
    •Subject Coordinator – Citizenship Education, Travel and Tourism, Education for Sustainable Development 
(c) Research Interest : 
    •Social Geography, Urban Geography, Geography Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
    •Geography Curriculum Coordinator and panel member: STD V & VI textbooks
    •Assistant Panel Coordinator: Life Skills Pre Vocational. 
    •Coordinator: Enhancement Programme: Standard III 
    •Resource person for MES 

(4) Academic Staff : Mr Ramsaha Jay 
Lecturer: Sociology, Sociology of Education, Citizenship Education and Inquiry into the Social Context of a locality 
(a) Area of Specialisation : Sociology and Citizenship Education
(b) Responsibility/ies : 
    •Course Coordinator: PGCE Rodrigues, TD Secondary, EL, TC Pre-Vocational
    •Subject Coordinator: Sociology, Inquiry into the Social Context of a Locality
(c) Research Interest
    •Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable development (ESD), Communication Sociology
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
    •Enhancement Program std III & IV

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