The Research Unit

In line with the mandate of the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) to promote the advancement of knowledge and innovation in education, the institution is currently engaged in number of applied research projects. The aim is not only to improve teaching and learning, foster practical innovation, and participate in policy formulation, but to also lead educational research in areas related to teacher education and curriculum development.


To that end, a Research Unit has been set up. It has defined the research priorities of the institution in terms of research interest.  Moreover, it has set up mechanisms to assess and monitor projects supported by the Institute.


The broad terms of reference (TORs) of the Research Unit are to:

  • establish a positive research climate and culture among academic staff at the MIE
  • set up mechanisms to support, monitor and assess the progress and contribution of research to the services provided directly and indirectly by the MIE
  • build a critical mass of research capacity across all departments
  • use a variety of pathways to disseminate research findings
  • ensure that research carried out by MIE staff is ploughed back and informs development of teacher education programmes  and practices at MIE


In order to translate the above TORs into practice, a number of research and publication activities have been carried out.  In addition, a number of fora for academic staff at MIE have been created and  research seminars have been conducted.


  • The MIE Journal is being published twice a year with a view to offer staff the opportunity of disseminating the findings of their research work.
  • The publications of staff for the past three years is being listed on the website of the MIE in order to promote sharing of research findings at national, regional and international levels and offer visibility of research to colleagues who publish their work.


Members of the Research Unit  



Prof. (Dr) Y Ramma

Head, Research Unit (Chairperson)

Dr A Rumjaun

Associate Professor, Science Education

Dr (Ms) S Payneeandy

Associate Professor, Education Studies
Dr (Mrs) Brinda Oogarah-Pratap Associate Professor, Home Economics Department

Dr (Mrs) A Ankiah-Gangadeen

Associate Professor, English Department

Dr P Nadal

Senior Lecturer, English Department

Prof. (Dr) V Naëck

Head, Curriculum Development Unit

Dr A Bholoa

Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Department


Administrative support

Mrs. Neelam Bheem Singh                                        Assistant Registrar (Secretary)

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