Teacher Diploma Primary



The pre-service Teacher’s Diploma (Primary) is a two year- three month Programme for holders of two A level/ HSC who have been recruited by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Bureau de l’Education Catholique (BEC) for enlistment as Trainee Educators Primary. It offers an opportunity to acquire a professional qualification in the field of Primary education in order to practice as a Primary Educator.

The Teacher’s Diploma Primary Programme has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of a Primary Educator to work in a constantly changing and challenging environment and to respond to the needs of primary school pupils.  The different elements of the Programme have been elaborated to create a coherent whole. The Programme has been designed to help Trainee Educators develop subject and professional knowledge, skills and attitudes firmly grounded in educational theory so that they may evolve into effective and reflective practitioners.

The needs of a diversity of learners will be addressed through the use of a range of teaching and learning strategies including direct teaching through lectures as well as discussion in tutorials, seminars and workshops. Trainee Educators’ understanding of whole school issues will be fostered in view of contributing positively to the intellectual, social, moral and physical development of pupils. Trainee Educators’ development of creative and critical thinking will be promoted through taught modules, independent learning, projects and experimentation.  As a result, Trainee educators will be empowered to make teaching and learning meaningful for their pupils. A combination of taught modules and on-the-job training will enable Trainee Educators to connect theory to practice and to develop their identity as practitioners.

A standard-led approach underpins the philosophy and the design of the Programme. The taught modules will equip the Trainee Educators with the knowledge base of the content of the standards and the Professional Practice component will provide them with the means to attain these standards. The kinds of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that Trainee Educators need to develop are clearly expressed through the standards, descriptors and performance indicators which have been elaborated for the Programme. Trainee Educators’ commitment to these standards will generate a shared vision and understanding of the teaching profession and of education in general. Ownership of the Programme by stakeholders within and outside the MIE will lead to a gradual transformation of the primary education in the Republic of Mauritius. 



The aims of the TDP Programme are to:

  • assist trainee educators to develop a sound knowledge of the primary school curriculum
  • assist trainee educators to develop a knowledge and understanding of the social context of schooling
  • develop knowledge and understanding of how the learning experiences of pupils are shaped by the curriculum of the school and factors outside the school
  • assist the trainee educators to develop knowledge and understanding of cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of the child
  • help trainee educators plan and organize teaching to achieve progression in pupils’ learning
  • assist trainee educators to develop appropriate knowledge, skills and dispositions so as to bring about effective classroom management.
  • enable trainee educators to develop effective and efficient communication skills within and outside the school
  • help trainee educators to develop appropriate teaching and learning strategies which will enable them to adapt their teaching to the needs of pupils
  • enable trainee educators to develop knowledge and skills in assessing and evaluating pupil’s learning
  • enable trainee educators to develop commitment to the whole school life
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