PGCE - Part Time

The PGCE Part-Time is a two-year (4 semesters) programme for secondary school in-service Education Officers. It is run over four Semesters and is offered to practising Education Officers who are holders of a degree in any of the specialist areas listed below:


Biology, Business Education, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Design and Technology, English, French, Hindi, Home Economics, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences and Visual Arts and Urdu.


This reviewed PGCE programme has been collaboratively conceptualised and designed by academics from the Mauritius Institute of Education and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute. It integrates latest trends and development in teacher education and educational research.


The PGCE programme comprises of three major components, namely, Professional Studies, Professional Practice and Major Study. Each component seeks to develop a particular set of competencies with a view to helping you acquire the necessary up-to-date knowledge, skills and attitudes to become an effective practitioner.


The Professional Studies modules aim at providing you with both a theoretical and practical foundation in order to help you address a number of issues pertaining to your classroom practices. The introduction of four Subject Didactics modules is an innovation as more emphasis is placed on pedagogical content knowledge.


The Professional Practice component involves a number of peer teaching sessions and school-based experience which aims at creating an interface between theory and practice. The experience gathered in real classroom situations will be ploughed back into discussions during lectures.


The Major Study component aims at enabling you to carry out small scale studies in the context of your classroom and schools reality with a view to addressing pressing concerns that you encounter as a professional.


The PGCE Programme is an intensive and demanding course which will require your complete involvement and sustained motivation but will no doubt prove to be an extremely enriching experience.


PGCE trainee teachers are governed by the general rules and regulations pertaining to all MIE students.

They are further governed by regulations specific to the PGCE programme as outlined below:


1.1        Entry  Requirements

The PGCE is offered to candidates with the following profiles:

(i)                   Five GCE ‘passes’ including English Language (a GCE ‘O’ Level pass should be equivalent to a School Certificate “credit”).  Two of these passes should be at Advanced Level with at least one of them being relevant to the main field of study applied for.


or acceptable alternative qualifications.


(ii)         A degree relevant to the main field of study offered.


1.2  Registration

Trainee teachers on the PGCE programme will be registered at the beginning of the academic year.  They can be registered for a maximum of three years.


1.3         Duration And Mode Of Delivery

The PGCE programme will be run over four semesters, i.e. two academic years on a part-time basis.


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