PGCE - Full Time

The Full-Time PGCE 2011 is a one year (two semesters) programme for degree holders.


The PGCE Full Time Programme has been introduced to respond to the nation wide demand for career related training in the field of education in Mauritius.  It offers an opportunity for fresh graduates to get professional qualifications in the field of education.


This programme has been revised in the light of feedback received from both academics and trainee teachers. It has, thus, been carefully designed to meet your needs as trainee teachers to work in a constantly changing and challenging environment and to respond to the overall educative and instructional needs of our secondary school pupils. This one year course has been designed to equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills related to your subject and pedagogy, as well as a set of attitudes and dispositions that will enable you to function effectively at classroom level.


The content of the programme, which is organised around 3 components, namely: Professional Studies, School Based Experience and School Based Inquiry will operate in conjunction, thus allowing a cycle of planning, reflection and the development of teaching and professional knowledge, skills and dispositions. The components have been elaborated in such a way that a coherent and integrated programme of study is provided.  The major consideration has been the interdependence of educational theory and practice, and field based experience.  It is evidenced in the structuring of the programme which is designed to bring this about through their interplay.


The programme is developmental in nature as it will provide you with the opportunity to explore issues which you encounter in order to increase your understanding progressively.  The programme aims at providing the baseline on which you will continue your professional growth and development.


This PGCE programme will require your entire involvement in all curricular activities.  It is imperative that you organise and manage your time effectively from the very beginning. It is advisable that you organise yourselves into working groups for the duration of the course. This will enable you to collaborate with others to obtain maximum benefits from the course by discussing and clarifying problematic and conflicting ideas and issues.


We hope that the new PGCE full time programme proves to be an enjoyable and professionally enriching experience for you.




PGCE trainee teachers are governed by the general rules and regulations pertaining to all MIE trainee teachers. 




The PGCE is offered to candidates with the following profiles:


(i)      Five GCE ‘passes’ including English Language.  Two of these passes should be at Advanced Level with at least one of them being relevant to the main field of study applied for; (a GCE ‘O’ Level pass should be equivalent to a School Certificate “credit”).


or acceptable alternative qualifications.


(ii)     A degree relevant to the main field of study offered.




Trainee teachers for the PGCE programme will be registered at the beginning of the academic year.  They can be registered for a maximum of (three) years.  At the beginning of each semester, trainee teachers will register for examinations/coursework to be held in the semester.




The PGCE programme will be run over two semesters, i.e one academic year on a full-time basis.


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