Educator License


The Educator’s Licence Programme has been designed to meet the training requirements of the Secondary Education sector.  As from 1 July 2010, the possession of an Educator’s Licence, awarded by the Mauritius Institute of Education, is a requirement for appointment to the grade of Educator (Secondary).  Indeed, the decision of the government to make compulsory an initial course for those wishing to start practice, goes in line with the belief that teachers’ professional status must be enhanced and lifelong learning must be promoted. 


The Educator’s Licence is a fee paying course and the responsibility of attendance and participation rests fully with the applicants. By assigning the full responsibility to the applicants, it is expected that only those with the required level of motivation and commitment to the profession will apply for the Licence.  Applicants will be eligible for exemption of selected modules if they join the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Programme after having successfully completed similar modules of the Educator’s Licence (EL), subject to the MIE rules governing exemptions.


The aims of the Educator’s Licence are to:

(i)  Provide graduates with an overview of the teaching profession.

(ii) Introduce graduates to the basics of subject didactics.

(iii) Assist graduates in developing an understanding of their learners.



Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1.  Cambridge School Certificate with Credit in at least five subjects, including English Language obtained at not more than two sittings or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the MIE
  2. A Cambridge Higher School Certificate or Passes in at least two subjects obtained on one Certificate at the GCE  ‘Advanced Level’
  3. A relevant degree from a recognised university in the required discipline
  4. Personal and reliable access to computer and Internet facilities


The programme comprises three modules that run over a period of 15 weeks. It also involves a placement of two weeks in a secondary school (School Based Experience).

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