Teacher's Certificate In Early Childhood Education

The Teacher’s Certificate Early Childhood Education Programme Committee, is responsible for the design, development, implementation evaluation and review of the programme.  Officers from administration and examination section will be co-opted as and when the need may arise. The programme builds up on knowledge and skills at CPECE and develops instructional competence.



The TCECE programme has been designed to provide practicing trainee educators with the relevant, skills and attitudes to support the child’s development and learning.

The aims of this programme are to:

  • Develop in trainee educators an understanding of the basic principles and practices of teaching and learning at pre-primary level
  •  Equip the trainee educators with appropriate pedagogical knowledge, values and skills for effective teaching and learning process at pre-primary level.
  • Enable trainee educators to create a stimulating learning environment and to nurture the pre-primary child’s natural desire to learn.
  • Promote in the trainee educators the love and the joy of caring for the pre-primary school children.
  • Equip trainee educators with the knowledge, values and skills that help promote self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation and eagerness to communicate, think and create.
  • Help trainee educators to plan and implement the National Curriculum Framework.


Entry Requirements

This course is open to all pre-school practitioners who have successfully completed the Certificate of Proficiency in Early Childhood Education Programme at the MIE.

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