Teacher’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education


The Teachers Diploma programme aims at providing opportunities for continuous professional development of educators in the field of early childhood education and care. It includes new areas of learning such as: ICT and Language Proficiency. This programme emphasizes a learning process which aims at developing competent professional early childhood educators with effective communication skills. An Interdisciplinary approach that addresses  the different areas of learning will be encouraged so as to develop a more meaningful approach to  teaching and learning at pre-primary level.

The Teacher’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education is a two year part time programme. After successful completion of Year 1, trainees may choose to exit from the programme and be awarded an Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

The handbook comprises the General Rules and Regulations regarding the Teacher’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education, the programme structure, content and the scheme of evaluation.

The active participation, commitment and involvement of trainees are essential ingredients that will enhance the quality of professional experience this programme proposes.



The aim of the program is to develop the proper skills, knowledge and attitudes of the pre-school educators to face the challenges of teaching in a changing context.


3.0     Eligibility/Minimum Entry Requirements

This course is open to in-service pre primary educators who have:


(i)  5  passes  at O’  level  including English.

(ii) Successfully completed the Certificate of Proficiency in Early Childhood Education (CPECE) and Teacher's Certificate Pre Primary (TCPP) programmes.

(iii) They also need to have at least 4 years post TCPP teaching experience.


(i)   5 credits at O’ Level including English.

(ii)  successfully completed the Teacher's Certificate Pre Primary (TCPP) programme.

(iii)  at least 4 years post TCPP teaching experience.


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