Diploma in Educational Management (DEM)

The aim of this programme is to empower primary school Headmasters/Headmistresses and educators, through a body of specialised knowledge, practical skills and experiences, bring quality and good governance within their schools thus being active change agents of their institutions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants should be able to:

  • Identify and reflect on the fundamentals and the international trends of school management and leadership
  • Communicate and network with all stakeholders for the efficient and effective running of the school
  • Engage in strategic planning,  produce and manage school development plans 
  • Apply skills and strategies towards team building and address conflicts through   negotiations
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning processes with a view to supporting educators and learners
  • Monitor  the implementation of the curriculum effectively at school level
  • Develop, use and apply principles and strategies which would promote good school governance and effective financial management 
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic relevant legal provisions and procedures pertaining to school sector at primary level
  • Enhance their self development and contribute to knowledge in the field of education through research, lifelong learning and scholastic activities  
  • Use MIE Moodle e-learning platform. 


Programme Structure: One Year Programme

The modules that will be offered during Semester I and II are shown below together with the number of credits assigned to each.Each credit will be equivalent to 30 hours of study time which will include study of self-instructional materials and of supplementary reading materials, attendance to face-to-face sessions, online interaction, work on assignment and any other activities requested from participants.


Programme structure: Two Year Programme

The semester wise distribution of the modules that will be studied during the two year programme and the number of credits assigned to each are shown below. A credit will, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph be equivalent of 30 hours of study time.


Delivery of Programme

The programme will be delivered through Open and Distance mode with a blend of print materials, face to face and online interactions. The print materials will be user friendly and designed to enable mastery of the subject matter. They will be logically structured and will contain a number of activities to be performed by the participants together with feedback about their performance. Through MIE Moodle e-platform, participants will have the opportunity to have access to their learning content as well as actively involved in discussions via the discussion forums and chats by only a click on the mouse. A system of counselling will be built in the delivery process to further support those needing help.

PGDEM Programme Handbook

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management
Programme Handbook


The Educational Administration and Management Department is a full-fledged one operating under the School of Education of the Mauritius Institute of Education(MIE).