Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

The BEd (Hons) programme is being offered jointly with University of Technology (Full Time) and University of Mauritius (Part Time) in the context of extending opportunities for continuing professional development of those who possess the Teacher's Diploma in various subject areas. It aims at strengthening the confidence of these prospective teachers and developing them as reflective practitioners and committed professionals. To be awarded a BEd (Hons.) degree, teachers must pass in all components/modules.

The BEd Programme consists of 4 major components:
1) Taught modules in Subject area 
2) Taught modules in Education 
3) Professional Practice 
4) Dissertation 

Main Objectives and Distinctive Characteristics of the Programme

This programme is aimed at secondary school educators in all areas of knowledge taught at that level. It aims at strengthening the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for teaching at the upper secondary level. This component of the BEd Programme (Education and Curriculum Studies) is very broad based and it builds up on modules offered at Teacher's Diploma level. An in-depth understanding of the adolescent learner will be prompted through the module entitled "Understanding the adolescent Learner, a psychological perspective". 

The module entitled "pedagogy" aims at enhancing teachers' knowledge, understanding and skills in classroom practice as such knowledge and understanding will impact upon the quality of the teaching and learning process. Though all aspects of classroom practice will be revisited, for the BEd level, more emphasis will be placed upon the development of higher order thinking, the implementation of differentiated instruction, more intensive study of effective classroom management skills.
Through the module entitled "Research Methodology", students will be given an intensive understanding of the research process while being provided with the appropriate tools to plan and carry out educational research projects.

The programme also aims at helping teachers to develop a broad understanding of the curriculum, curriculum planning and development. It also allows teachers to masters to master key concepts and theories of assessment and evaluation. The module provides students with the tools to participate in practices of curriculum planning and evaluation.

With such an in-depth knowledge and understanding of these areas and possessing the competencies associated with them, the Mauritian teacher will become the professional who will make teaching and learning more effective.

General Information
1. Main objectives

The main aims of the course are to enhance the content knowledge of the prospective teachers in their subject area as well as provide opportunities to them to futher develop further appropriate pedagogical skills. Consequently, the programme includes modules on content and pedagogy. It also has a component on Professional Practice whereby the students will be given opportunities to have classroom experience and reflect on the pedagogical transactions. To develop their autonomy and research skills in education, a Major Project/Dissertation is also included in the programme. It is hoped that on successful completion of the programme the students will have been empowered with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to make the teaching and learning process meaningful, relevant and enjoyable.

2. Programme Requirements

A Teacher's Diploma in the relevant field of study from the Mauritius Institute of Education.

3. Duration of Course

  Normal   Maximum
  2 years (full time)   3 years

4. Minimum credits required for the award of the BEd Hons. Degree:

138 (including 60 credits for the Teacher's Diploma).

5. Assessment 

BEd Programme Coordinator-MIE : Dr H Bessoondyal
Assistant BEd Programme Coordinator-MIE : Mr V K Jhurree
BEd Coordinator-UTM : Dr C Bokhoree

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