To excel as a renowned institution of higher learning, committed to the empowerment of educators and professionals in related fields through research, scholarship and pedagogical innovations.



MIE is committed to:
- Promoting advancement of knowledge and innovation in education through research
- Informing educational policy
- Improving access to initial and continuous professional development in education
- Providing quality service in education
- Leading the process of curriculum development

Our Uniqueness

"Not only has the MIE enabled thousands of  teachers to aspire to a better professional status, it has also done so by providing opportunities to all those who could not, or would not, leave the country for further education abroad.

The movement of Mauritians to foreign countries for further education would have cost the country heavily not only in terms of foreign exchange but also in terms of increased likelihood of brain drain... provision of opportunities for professional development locally is a significant salutary facility for secondary school leavers, especially women who have traditionally had less opportunity for studies abroad." (Ambassador Dr. Olusegun Akinluyi, Commonwealth Abroad Service Project, in MIE The Way Forward, 2003)

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