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The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) is a Parastatal body, working under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.
Set up in 1973 with the prime objective of modernizing the education sector and endowing it with a professional teaching workforce, the MIE provides training for the pre-primary, primary and secondary sectors of education, targeting all cadres, including teaching and management. The training provided is in line with state of the art pedagogical practices and the constant benchmarking of courses offered according to international standards ensures that the qualifications delivered by the MIE are recognised around the world.
MIE is also responsible for Research and Curriculum Development. It is the body in charge of developing the curriculum, textbook writing and evaluation.
Council of MIE
The Governing Body of the MIE is its Council.

Board Members of Council 




Mr R P Ramlugun (Chairperson), Ministry of Education & HR, Tertiary Education & SR


Dr O Nath Varma  (Director)


Mrs N Boodhoo, OSK  (Chairperson) PSC 

4 Mr R Meettook, Permanent Secretary , Ministry of Education & HR, TE & SR


Dr A K Taher, Chief Technical Officer  -  Min. of Education & H R


Mrs Z Guness Goolbar, Deputy Permanent Secretary  –  Min of Education & H R , TE & SR


Mrs A Pawan, Deputy Permanent Secretary  -   Prime Minister’s Office


Mrs P S Sew Hee, Analyst  -  Rep. Min. of Finance & Economic Development

9 Mrs Bodita Ramano, Senior Administrative Manager, University of Mauritius
10 Mr Tam Ramanah  -  Nominated by Prime Minister
11 Mr Poonesh Koomar Nuckchady  -  Nominated by Prime Minister
12 Mr Premnath Jootun -  Nominated by Prime Minister
13 Dr A Carpooran O.S.K  -  Nominated by Prime Minister
14 Mr Jean Pierre Didier Moutou, Nominated by Prime Minister


Professor V Naeck  -  Rep. MIEASA


Mr K Seeburrun  -  Rep. MIESU


 Ms K Museliah  -  Rep. Student’s Council  


Mrs O Cudian (Registrar/Secretary)


Programmes and courses offered at the MIE

Download a presentation on the various programmes and courses offered at the MIE.



About MIE

Mandate of the MIE

 The mandate of the MIE, as per its Act (1973), is:
 'to provide facilities and to engage in educational research, curriculum development and teacher education and thereby to promote the advancement of learning and knowledge in the field of education and, in particular, to provide a teacher education responsive to the social, economic, linguistic, administrative, scientific, agricultural and technological needs of Mauritius." (MIE Act, 1973:2)

Learn about MIE: How to apply for training at the MIE

Guide to Courses at the MIE


MIE is a parastatal body under the aegis of the Ministry of Education. We offer courses and training for all workforce of  Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Schools.