Value Based Education

Value Based Education




1) Celebrating abilities of challenged Children

Date: 16th Dec 2010

Venue: MIE

Participants: 18 NGOs

1)      Exposition by Special Schools

2)      Song

3)      Drawing Competition

2) Value Based Education Workshop

Date: 11 & 12 January 2011

Venue: Conference Room, 3rd Floor, MIE

Resource person: Mr. Thierry Malbert, University of Reunion Island

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3)      Session on Early Identification, screening and referral for ECCEA and SEN staff

Date: 17/03/2011

Venue:  Conference Room Level 3 MIE Tower

Resource Person: Dr. S. Swarup

Attendees:  Pre-primary schools supervisors

The following activities were carried out:

-          From 13.00 to 15.30 :

  • Conduction of a workshop on early identification and intervention with pre-primary supervisors
  • A round up introduction was done to get acquainted with the participants and their background
  • The following topics were covered
    • How early must an intervention be done
    • Early identification at different stages i.e. pre-natal, peri-natal and post-natal


4)      Induction session for educators from integrated and specialized school on Inclusive education

Date: 18/03/2011

Venue:  Conference Room Level 3 MIE Tower

Resource Person: Dr. S. Swarup

Attendees: Educators from integrated and specialised schools

The following activities were carried out:

  1. Workshop with educators from integrated schools
    1. Inclusion
    2. Class management
    3. Types of disabilities

Follow-up: Conduction of a workshop on Friday 8th April 2011 with SEN educators to identify Strengths, Weaknesses and good practices in special schools. (102 SEN educators present)

5)      Induction course for Head SEN Schools

Date: 22/03/2011

Venue:  Conference Room Level 3 MIE Tower

Resource Person: Dr. S. Swarup

Attendees: Responsible officers of SEN schools (30 participants)

Workshop was on management of special schools

The following topics were discussed:

Policy issues surrounding implementation of special education schools:

  1. What records are needed in schools?
  2. Office records
  3. Management of infrastructure
  4. Physical classroom management
  5. School budget


  1. Managing admissions
  2. Appointment of staffs
  3. Management of the classroom
  4. Classroom setup
  5. Supplies
  6. Student preparation
  7. Getting organised
  8. Responsibilities of a special education teacher
  9. Mutual respect
  10. Top 4 survival tips

6) Open Lecture on Inclusive education

Date: 24/03/2011

Venue:  Franc Richard Lecture Theatre

Resource Person: Dr. S. Swarup

Attendees: Hon. Minister of Education, Director of MIE,  Deputy Director of MIE, Registrar, HOS, HOD, Academic staffs of MIE, PGDISE participants, Responsible officers of SEN schools

  • An open lecture on inclusive education
  • Welcome speech by Director
  • Speech by Minister Hon. Dr. V.K. Bunwaree
  • Lecture of Dr. Swarup
  • Making inclusion a reality
    • Definition of inclusive education
    • Equity
    • Diversity
    • Inclusion
    • Education system
    • LSEN
    • Popular models of integrated education
    • Question time session



7) Lecture On Autism

Date: Thursday 07th April 2011

Venue: Viewing Room

Attendees: PGDISE Lecturer

Resource Person:   Dr. (Mrs.) S Sungum – Paliwal

                                 Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist,

                                 Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics and child Health,

         University of Birmingham.


8) Workshop for SEN Educators

Date:  Friday 08th April 2011

Venue: Gymnasium, MIE

Attendees: SEN Educators (100 participants)


9) Workshop for Primary School Inspectors 

 Monitoring Teaching and Learning for Enhancement Programme 2011

Date: 17th May 2011, 23rd May 2011, 24th May 2011, 31st May 2011

Venue: Lecture Thetare

Attendees: Principal Inspectors, Senior Inspectors, Inspectors (50 participants)

Resource person: Mr. S. Dhunnoo.