Training Programmes of the MIE



Secondary Sector

Educator’s Licence

The Educator’s Licence (EL) is run over a period of 6 months and is offered to all degree holders who aspire to join a secondary school as Educator. This is a foundation course that allows prospective teachers to acquaint themselves with the basics of teaching. The credits earned are banked and holders of an EL are eligible for exemptions[1] when they apply for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. This training is offered online by the Open and Distance Learning Centre of MIE.


PGCE Part-Time and Full Time

The post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is a professional programme offered to degree holders. It is run on a Part-Time basis for practicing Educators and, since 2008, on a Full Time basis for prospective teachers.  Holders of a PGCE Full Time can apply for the post of Educator as fully qualified Educators.


Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership (PGDEL)

The PGDEL is offered to all practicing Educators who would wish to postulate for the post of Deputy Rector or Rector as per the requirements of the PRB. The MIE is at present exploring the possibility for a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.


Summary: Secondary Sector

For all our in-service courses, the prospective trainee must already be employed in a school in the Republic of Mauritius and her/his application must be duly sponsored by her/his employer. The schools concerned are:

  • State Secondary Schools.
  • Private Secondary schools under the aegis of the Private Secondary Schools Authority
  • The MITD (previously Industrial Vocational Training Board).
  • Pre-Primary Schools duly registered with the Early Childhood care and Education Authority (ECCEA).
  • Other private schools offering full time courses and recognized by the Private Secondary Schools Authority.
  • Private Secondary schools duly registered in Mauritius.


Bachelor in Education

The MIE offers a B.Ed (Honours) to holders of the MIE Teacher's Diploma. This Programme is offered in association with the University of Mauritius on a part-time basis for practicing teachers and with the University of Technology on a full time basis for pre-service teachers.


M.A. Education

M.A. Education is a fee paying programme offered jointly with the University of Brighton, UK. It is a taught programme offered at the MIE by tutors of the University of Brighton assisted by tutors of the MIE.


Pre-service programmes

MIE also offers pre-service training as follows:

  • PGCE for University Graduates- One year Full Time
  • Teacher's Diploma for HSC holders - Two years Full Time
  • Teacher's Diploma can be followed by B.Ed - Two Years Full Time*

Note: These are fee paying programmes offered to Mauritian Nationals only.

* It is possible for someone to join a secondary school after obtaining a Teacher's Diploma (though only in specific scarcity areas) and later on join the Part-Time B.Ed Programme.


Primary Sector


MIE is the sole institution to offer pre-service training for all entrants to the teaching profession in the primary sector. It offers a Teacher’s Diploma Primary (TDP) over a period of 2yrs and 3months.



MIE offers a number of in-service courses for practicing teachers. This includes the Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) for holders of Teacher’s Certificate Primary. This is followed by a Teacher’s Diploma Primary on a mixed mode (in association with the Indira Gandhi National Open University –IGNOU, India).


Special Education Needs-Remedial Education

Special Education Needs- Remedial Education is offered to practicing educators over 3years on a part time basis. It aims primarily at developing skills and knowledge in remedial education with particular attention to children with learning difficulties in primary schools.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusion and Special Education

The MIE also offers  training programmes in Special Education Needs for the challenged learners. In view of strengthening its capacity in the field of Special Education Needs, the MIE is offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusion and Special Needs (PGDISE) to its academic staff as well as to Educational Psychologists and Educational Social Workers of the Ministry of Education & Human Resources. The PGDISE is being coordinated by a specialist in the field from Germany, Claus Jan. He has a vast experience in the field, having worked in Ghana, Armenia and acted as consultant in this field for a number of years. The MIE has also enlisted the support of Professor Swaroop, a consultant from India who has long standing international experience in the field of Special Education Needs to run courses for the PGDISE.


Certificate in Special education

Since July 2011, the MIE is offering a Certificate in Special Education for Educators and resource persons already working in Special Needs schools on the Island.


Sankore Project: digitalization of classrooms



The MIE offers the Teacher’s Certificate Pre-primary and Teacher’s Diploma Pre-Primary. These courses are offered to all practicing educators in registered pre-primary schools.


Curriculum Development

Pre-primary, Primary & Secondary

The MIE is now assuming full responsibility for Curriculum Development as the activities of the National Centre for Curriculum Research and Development (NCCRD)  have been transferred to it since October 2011.The MIE was already engaged in a number of curriculum related projects, including the development of the Curriculum Framework for the pre-primary, primary and secondary sectors of education. It has developed the syllabus for lower secondary education on the basis of which a major reform is expected in our education system -  especially  in view of the National Assessment that will become fully operational in 2013.


Pre-Vocational Sector

The MIE is currently working on a complete review of the pre-vocational sector in association with the MITD. The pre-vocational stream will consist of a 4 year programme based on a new pedagogical approach as well as an evaluation strategy more in line with the requirements of the pre-vocational learners.

The MIE is also developing teaching and learning materials aimed at both students and teachers of the pre-vocational sector. To that end, materials for Years I & II will be available in 2012 and Years III & IV in 2013. ICT will be integrated across the curriculum so as to facilitate learning for learners with diverse needs and learning styles.

For additional information see Curriculum Framework


[1] Conditions apply