Sankore Project: digitalization of classrooms

Following the Franco-British summit in May 2008, the French government established the DIENA - Délégation interministérielle à l’éducation numérique en Afrique- in order to achieve Millennium Development Goals with regards to education.  In this context the DIENA launched the Sankoré project to enhance educational practices and resources. The project aims at in empowering teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector to create, use and share digital educational resources. The project relies on the following to bring about qualitative change in the classroom:

1.       The provision of an interactive interface [an interactive whiteboard-IWA]

2.       A platform for sharing digital educational resources [Sankoré website]

3.       Training of teachers to use the IWB and the Sankoré software suite


The MIE is the institution that leads the project and offers all technical and pedagogical support, in association with  Paraschool, a French e-learning firm, which has been identified by DIENA to provide technical and pedagogical support for the project for Africa. The model used by the MIE will serve as a blueprint for Africa in the field of digital education. 

This project, initiated by the Prime Minister himself, has taken off since 14 March 2011 with the first visit of Paraschool. The Std IV has been targeted to start with however the project will gradually be extended to the whole of the primary and secondary sectors. The MIE is at present working on materials for Std IV & V.


click here to visit Sankore website