RecycloEnviro project

What is RecycloEnviro?

RecycloEnviro is the recycling of scrap materials to create artworks is an initiative designed to inculcate a sense of responsibility by sensitizing people in a subtle way about the environmental impact of their behaviour and how they can adopt a more environment-friendly lifestyle.  It aims to broaden recycling participation in Mauritius through increased awareness and education by promoting the creation of artworks through recycling of scraps and trashes for a higher purpose, regenerating and renewing them in order to give them a new meaning.

Art, creativity and innovation are at the epicenter of our history and development as a civilization. It is a medium that cuts through and across national and cultural boundaries as it empowers the expression of ideas, hopes, dreams, aspirations – in short, it helps to create our future  and improving our lives. It is the artist who will lead the green revolution - they have the ability to see value in everything. It is indeed great to repurpose what is already in the world.

Artistic manipulation of discarded scraps and other man made materials are an effective way of making people aware, environmentally awakened, and conscious. The raw materials do not have any intrinsic value but once they are processed through the creative hands of artists they become wonderful works of art. As artists our challenge is to take these found objects which are apparently meaningless and useless and to create relationship with them, communicate with them and to give them life, a meaning, a voice and ignite a spirit into them so that they may converse with the viewer and establish a dialogue with them. We have to give them life so that they may tell their own story.

We are constantly reminded of recycling, being eco friendly and to protect our environment which has met a rapid degeneration. Nowadays, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to contribute towards the betterment of our environment. We are living in a materialistic and hectic world that channels us into a self-centeredness mode.

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What is the purpose of RecycloEnviro?

  • To put MIE at the forefront in this laudable task
  • To promote recycling art
  • To broaden the scope and appreciation of the visual arts.
  • To create an appreciation of artworks from discarded objects
  • To involve the young in recycling in an enjoyable way.
  • To generate a cleaner environment through recycling.
  • To grant awards to the most creative artists in recycled materials.
  • To protect our children our Environment, and our future.
  • To promote family bonding through art.
  • To build confidence and encourage spontaneity
  • To enhance creativity in children via various art activities.
  • To enable a group of special needs children to blend in and experience art the fun way.
  • To generate awareness of the importance of cutting down wastage by recycling used materials.
  • To make people aware and be environmental conscious.
  • To decorate and enhance our vicinity.
  • To unleash creativity and open new avenues.