Project: Student's experience programme with H.E.S.SO, Switzerland and Mauritius Institute of Education

The Mauritius Institute of Education believes in lifelong learning and believes in sharing experiences and opening up to external students who are interested in our programmes.  In this context a Students' experience programme with the H.E.S.SO ;  Haute Ecole Specialisee de Suisse Occidentale within the University of Applied Science WEstern Switzerland and Mauritius Institute of Education gave rise to a budding and promising collaboration.  Under the leadership of Dr Barbara Waldis, University of Western Switzerland, , four students from Switzerland have been able to follow the Home School Community Project/module with Ms P Auckloo, Senior Lecturer at the MIE.

The four students have thus benefitted from the rich experiences and projects of the teachers following the Teachers' Diploma in Prevocational programme in 2012. During the working sessions, the students have enriched their knowledge and understanding of the Mauritian context, and were able to propose original projects on which many have begun to work.  

An exerpt of their report and feedback is found in the link below: