About MIE

Principles & Core Values

In working to meet the above-mentioned objectives, the MIE is guided by the following principles and core values



In our quest for excellence, we believe that ethical considerations and behaviour should permeate every aspect of the Institute's functioning.



We value the principles of good governance and transparency to ensure accountability at all levels.E was inaugurated by


Rigour and professionalism

In pursuit of our mandate, we set high standards in terms of the programmes and service offered to all stakeholders.


Service to our clients

We recognise 'customer satisfaction1 as our core pre-occupation.


Fairness, equality and inclusiveness

We believe in offering opportunities to all our staff and students to grow professionally by recognising their individual needs.


Team spirit

We value loyalty, collaboration and teamwork as essential ingredients to fulfill our mandate.


Respect for diversity

We recognise and view diversity as an asset to create a stimulating and enriching learning environment.


Freedom, creativity and innovation

We are committed to the creation of an environment where individuals feel free to think, express themselves, innovate and develop a fresh outlook on key issues.